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Welcome ! To the origin of traditional wooden handicrafts !

Story - We are the first family who found or started the wooden handicrafts .We are offering a wide range of wooden handicrafts to the customers across the world, with the array including wooden horses, bowling sets, elephants and wooden pencils. We offer the finest examples of crafting with wood.

Varanasi has, since time immemorial, been hailed as a leading center for some of the finest Indian handicrafts.Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh was once one of the largest toy producing centres in India. It is an ancient craft, where the toys are made in wood with sets of birds, animals, orchestras, and dance ensembles available packed in boxes. These toys are gaily painted and typically Indian but not folk in design.

A lot of our designs are standard as we have a unit of artisans who use teak wood or high quality wood to create and coat the pieces in such a way that it is shielded from all kinds of weather.

As for how began, our family began the tradition of wooden handicrafts almost 55 years ago. Having grown up around this business, I decided to complete my education in commerce and designing and then join the family business on a full-time basis.

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Subhi - I am the current owner of this venture and the designer of all the pieces presented here. I have a graduation degree in commerce and design and have been helping my family venture expand, on a full-time basis.

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