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At KashiMart, we believe that customer privacy is of utmost importance and we take every possible step to ensure the security of your transactions. Read our privacy policy to know more about our information gathering and distributing practices.

Note: There can be periodic changes in our privacy policy without any prior notice. Regularly visit this site to review changes in our privacy policy.

By accessing our website, you acknowledge and accept our use and declaration of personal information by following our privacy policy.


Collection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other information

While using our website for certain activities, like creating a new account or placing an order, we may ask you to provide your personal information. This information can be your name, address, phone number, email address, PIN code, etc. While some of the information required is mandatory, some of it can be termed as optional. You can either provide the details or opt not to provide any information at all. In the case of the latter, you will not be allowed to engage in the desired activity.

In case you are placing an order, we may ask you to share credit/debit card details and save them for future use. You will also be provided with Net Banking facilities. Based on your usage, we may access some of your information. We use this information shared by you to provide a smooth, secure, and customized experience. This may also include the URL of recently visited sites, URL of the site you will visit soon after, computer browser information, and IP address. We review the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to understand customers’ interests and preferences and utilize them to improve our marketing strategies.

We use cookies to collect data and customize your experience with the website. Cookies are small files stored by the web browser on your PC & hard disk. We use cookies for tracking purposes, understand your interests, and enhance our products. Most of the cookies generated are session cookies that get deleted automatically once a session is over. While many browsers accept cookies on their own, you also have the option of declining them. If a customer opts to decline cookies, there are chances that the website might not work properly.

Third parties can place cookies or similar devices on some pages of the website which we do not control. The use of cookies helps in creating a more secure and user-friendly experience for all customers.

In case you use our website to share product details to another person or place orders through voice mail, we may save any such information to resolve disputes and troubleshoot issues.

If you send us emails or post messages on our website, we may save all the information in a file specific to you.

You can go through our website for free without disclosing any information, although certain activities like placing an order require registration and disclosing personal information. We may also use your personal information to understand your interests and send offers accordingly.

Use of Demographics / Profile Data / Your Information

Your personal information is used to provide you with the best service and enrich your experience, resolve disputes, and identify problems, understand visitor traffic, and improve performance. Your details are also used to protect you from fraudulent and criminal activities and impose our terms and conditions.

After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you acknowledge that we will have access to your contact list, SMS and location, etc. Certain products/services provided by us or our affiliates or our lending partners, require the eligibility criteria, and to check that,  we may ask you to provide your PAN Card and KYC (Know Your Customer) details. Access to your personal information is in accordance with the applicable laws. By accessing these details, we can understand the customer’s behavior and improve our performance. However, withdrawal of consent might affect access to these products/services.

We may also use your IP address to identify issues with our website and take necessary measures. To better understand the customers’ preferences, we may ask you to complete online surveys that require details like personal information, contact details, email address, ZIP code, date of birth, and other distinctive details like your interests, lifestyle information, and purchasing behavior. While we may use this information to enhance our services, you are given full authority to deny any information.

Sharing of personal information

Unless opted out by you, we may share your personal information with corporate entities and third-party service providers. These third-party service providers help us in the fulfillment of your order, deliver packages, track individual interests, or to comply with a legal obligation. We may share your details with third party affiliates for better performance and customer satisfaction but none without your consent. We do not share your information for the third party’s promotional needs.

If required by law, we may disclose your details. We may also share your information if it is suggested imperative to respond to court orders and legal obligations. Sharing information is necessary to bring into action our Terms and Privacy Policy, carefully responding to claims of content violation and the safety of our users.

In the case of a company merger, we and our affiliates will share some/all of your information. The combined new entity after the merger or reorganization with the third-party will have to follow this privacy policy.

Links to Other Sites

While using this website you might access other website links that may use your Personally Identifiable Information (PII). These linked websites have their own privacy policy and data collection process. KashiMart is not responsible for any third party’s privacy policy and content. It is vital that you refer to the privacy policy of these linked websites while using them.

Security Precautions

Your security is our priority and therefore we follow strict guidelines to protect your information against unauthorized access. Your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is kept safe in a server secured by a password. If you wish to alter or add any information in your account, you can do so by safely logging in to your account using the password. We forcefully suggest you not to share your password with anyone for security purposes. We at KashiMart take every appropriate measure to protect the loss and misuse of your personal information.


If you are not interested in receiving emails regarding the marketing and promotional communications from us or our partner affiliates, you are free to opt-out.

Your Consent

As per this privacy policy, while using this website, you adhere to the collection and use of your personal information, including but not limited to your permission. If you share any other person’s details on our website, we assume that you have the authority to do so and thereby allow us to access the details according to this privacy policy. We may use this information to measure our performance and enhance your experience.

Periodic changes might appear in this privacy policy. We request you to regularly review this page to keep updated with the new privacy policy. Please write to us in case of any queries regarding this statement.

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