Isn’t the global economy falling prey to coronavirus outbreak? In this growing pandemic, work from home strategy has got an immense push, especially with an onset of social distancing. Certainly, the world is thriving hard to overcome the ill-effects of this black swan event, but it could be a wonderful opportunity to behold a business idea for the future.

As a matter of fact, for those working for a few hours and willing to fill up the earning gap, this could be a better time to start a business you can run in your spare time. When it comes to either meeting ends or following your passion, we present you with five fascinating ways to get you started and make some extra bucks.

1. Serve your Expertise


Serve your Expertise

Serving your expertise is as crucial as developing a product but with a lot of networking and word of mouth referrals. Ensure your talent potential while rendering the services to excogitate appropriate clients. Creative professionals like freelance writers, consultants, graphics designers, tutors, mobile app, and website developers are some of the schemas you may prefer to nurture your talent and render the services to make it a profitable business. 

2. Purchase and Sell Online

Purchase and Sell Online

You may have come across several business platforms running over the idea of importing the products in massive amounts and sell them to meet the needs of profitability. For instance, anti-radiation glasses are the best in terms of space occupancy, durability, and quality based rare product in the market.

3. Productize your Creativity/Artistry

Productize your Creativity/Artistry

What else could be more interesting than turning your hobby into your business? If you stick to enhance your creativity and making an artistic product out of it, you can get ahead of the game to propel the market. Yes, even if you undergo the process of creating products elsewhere by other sources like  Catering, Baking, Handicrafted goods, Paintings, fabric designing, and many more, you may also opt to store and serve them as per the needs.

4. Delve into Dropshipping Strategy

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Dropshipping models are highly trendy in business fashion. The third party plays a cardinal role in manufacturing, storing, and even rendering shipping credentials on your behalf. All you need to perform is marketing through the best possible means of social media platforms, apps, and offline, too along with the supervision of customer services. Oberlo, Shopify, and so on belong to this business category for driving sales.

5. Merge with Influencer Marketing

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With the growing need for social media marketing, influencer marketing can be a game-changer for sellers. Yes, it involves a sequel of endorsements and product details from the influencers with the large fan following scenarios and brand associations to a greater extent.

By all means, owning your business is simply taking control of your future. This too comes with a lot of freedom and even have a second to sit back and unwind for a while.